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Excess Flood Coverage

In North Carolina, your basic flood policy might not be enough.

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What Is Excess Flood Insurance?

Here on the North Carolina coastline, a hurricane or flood is an ever-present threat. You may not be able to prevent damage, but you can protect yourself against the financial consequences of a natural disaster. Excess flood insurance provides coverage with higher insurance limits than your basic or standard flood policy.

Who Needs Excess Flood Insurance

Whether you have flood insurance through the NFIP or a private carrier, the limits may not be enough to cover rebuilding your home. The NFIP only covers up to $250,000 worth of rebuilding or repairs to your home and property, and it covers up to $100,000 worth of your home’s contents. If your home and its contents are worth more than those limits, you need – and may actually be required to purchase – excess flood coverage from a private carrier. Coastline Insurance Associates can assist you with determining the excess flood insurance limits you need.